Yoga Fusion Demonstration | Wednesday November 1, 2023

Oct 25th, 2023

The Works

Join us for a new class! Yoga Fusion Pop Up Demonstration on Wednesday, November 1, 2023 at 6:15P.M.

Do you do a lot of activities? Are you looking to improve athletic performance?
Join us for a class that fuses Yoga with other fitness regimes. 

This practice will encourage active recovery from injury, hone your focus, increase cardio ability with breath techniques. It can be a game changer to your future Performance, physically and mentally. 

When practiced, this class will encourage mindful injury prevention processes, increase flexibility and strengthen your stabilizing muscles. Better balance, decrease injury. Less time at away from the game! 

Join us and feel the difference Yoga Fusion can make on your athletic performance.

Regular schedule for Yoga Fusion will begin Wednesday, November 8 - December 13, 2023