Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Memorial University Recreation Complex Inc. (MURC) is a Separately Incorporated Entity (SIE) owned by Memorial University of Newfoundland but governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

The Corporation (MURC) operates under a set of By Laws, Articles of Incorporation and a Management Agreement with the University. MURC operates The Works and is responsible for the management of the Aquarena, Field House and other recreation facilities at MUN's St. John's campus. MURC also owns and operates a Tim Hortons franchise located in the main lobby of the Aquarena.

The Board of Directors comprises individuals representing the University, its students, faculty and staff and the wider community. It sets policy and provides management with general direction however the Board does not deal with operational or day to day management.

A Director/General Manager is appointed by the Board to direct and manage the business affairs and operations of the Corporation. The current Director/General Manager is Craig Neil.

Board members are chosen from the key stakeholders - Students, Faculty and Staff of Memorial University and Marine Institute and also the community at large.

MURC has established a policy  for individuals who are interested in and qualified for membership to the Board of Directors. A component of this policy is the provision for establishing and maintaining a pool of Director candidates.

Click here  for Guidelines for MURC Board Appointments

Candidates for the MURC Board will be provided an overview of Director roles and responsibilities through an orientation provided by the Director/ General Manager and a current Board Member. This orientation will involve but not limited to review of MURC’s:

  • Management Agreement with Memorial University

  • Mission, Vision and Values

  • By – Laws

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Directors and Officers Liability

  • Organizational Policies

  • Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality requirements

Individuals interested in having their name put forward to a pool of candidates for the MURC Board are asked to contact The Works Director/ General Manager.