Personal Training

What is Personal Training?
Personal Training is working with a certified personal fitness trainer one on one to meet your fitness goals. It is designed to help people at any fitness level. Personal Training is beneficial to anybody trying to start, continue or improve their current workout program.

Personal Training is also beneficial to individuals who want to focus on injury rehabilitation or create a specialized workout to train for athletic events. A Personal Trainer can show you how to get your best results in a one on one session.

Benefits of working with a Personal Trainer

  • Reduce body fat, increase muscle tone and improve the overall level of cardiovascular fitness
  • Maintain focus and motivation
  • Improve muscular strength and endurance
  • Rehabilitate from injury(s)
  • Learn the correct form and technique
  • Learn more about proper nutrition
  • Boost your energy level
  • Get a workout designed around your lifestyle to help maintain your fitness level

The Works Personal Trainers
The Works Personal Trainers provide guidance, motivation and a personalized program to meet your needs and reach your goals. Our Personal Trainers all have different schedules so there is someone available at a convenient time for you.

The trainers are highly qualified and certified in kinesiology, nutrition, rehabilitation, and athletic training. 

Stephen Vanier
Stephen Vanier
Bachelor of Recreation
  • Concentration in Therapeutic Recreation
  • Health improvement program instructor
  • Uses variety of training methods to reach your goal and maximize results
T: (709) 864-3420 | E: |

Jon Hillier
Jon Hillier
  • Bachelor Physical Education
  • Keep you focused & motivated
  • Years of health & fitness expereince
T: (709) 864-3420 | E: |

Debbie Morris
Debbie Morris
BA CanFitPro
  • Coach specializing in Sport & Fitness Nutrition
  • Experienced in Strength & Resistance training
  • Experienced in working with Aging Adults
  • Promotes a positive & encouraging training environment
T: (709) 864-3420 | E: |

Joseph Willcott
Joseph Willcott
B.Kin (Co-Op)
  • Multi-spot experience with powerlifting & strongman
  • Health imporvement program instructor
  • Help clients imporve & maintain strength with a focus on form & technique
T: (709) 864-3420 | E: |

Sam Snelgrove
Sam Snelgrove
B.Human Kinetics & RECR (Co-Op)
  • CSEP Certified personal trainer
  • Water aerobics program instructor
  • Strong knowledge and years of personal expereince in strength and resistence training
  • High energy to help keep you focused and motivated
  • help maintain a strong and positive mindset
T: (709) 864-3420 | E: |