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MUN Preferred Rate Program

What is the Preferred Rate Program?

The Preferred Rate Program(PRP) is designed to help facilitate a healthier and more active lifestyle for Memorial employees and retirees and to promote better use of the campus recreation facilities.

Who can participate? 

Full-time, part-time, permanent or contractual Memorial University employees who are eligible to participate in the University’s group benefits plan can participate in the PRP.

Employees of Memorial’s SIEs are not eligible to participate in this program.

MUN Pensioners who join the Field House (while the Aquarena Fitness Centre is closed) are eligible to participate in the PRP. Retirees receive a 50% discount offered by The Works for Field House memberships such as the Track, Field House Combo and Fitness Classes and therefore are not eligible for the additional PRP subsidy for those memberships. 

What are the membership options?

Membership options can include access to the Field House (while the Aquarena Fitness Centre is closed), with over 100 pieces of equipment, MUN swimming pool, and change rooms.

While the Aquarena is closed for renovstions, memberships can include access to The Workout in the Field House, fitness classes, indoor track, MUN swimming pool, squash courts, basketball and other sport courts.

How do you get started in the PRP?

To apply for the PRP, employees must complete a PRP application form at The Works, at either the Field House Customer Service Desk.

Employees and retirees can join the PRP at any time during the year.

Membership Information

Membership  MUN Bi-Weekly
Payroll Deduction 
Basic $21.50
Basic 2nd Member 19.50
Deluxe 26.00
Deluxe 2nd Member 23.00
Field House Combo 22.00
Field House Combo 2nd Member  20.00
Fitness / Water Classes 13.50
Track 12.75

 All prices are plus HST.