Aquarena • Field House

Aquarena Fitness Centre

 Aquarena Fitness Centre

A basic membership includes:

  • Over 100 pieces of cardio, strengthening and free weight equipment
  • Air conditioned members only change rooms & lockers
  • Members only hot tub, saunas & towel service
  • Aquarena & MUN Pool Lane Swims
  • 2 International size squash courts
  • Free Parking
  • Complimentary members swimming lessons
  • Advanced Registration for children's swimming lessons

Our Equipment

The Aquarena Fitness Centre has a wide variety of cardio, strength training and toning equipment to suit your needs. The equipment is user friendly and is great for novice and advanced users. There is a great selection of cardio equipment such as treadmills, arc trainers, ellipticals, spin bikes and rowers.

Aquarena Fitness Centre - Cardio Area

In addition, the Aquarena Fitness Centre has a large selection of free weights and an abdominal stretching area with mats, exercise balls for core strengthening, jump ropes and more.


New to the Aquarena Fitness Center?

Free Orientation! New members receive a free orientation to the Aquarena Fitness Centre. The Fitness Leaders will show you how to use all equipment, give you a tour of the facility and set you up on a basic workout program. All members can receive ongoing support with their fitness programs from the Fitness Leaders or you can inquire about our Personal Training.

Aquarena Fitness Centre - Cardio Area

We are here to help you!

The Aquarena Fitness Centre has a friendly team of qualified Fitness Leaders to help you! All of our fitness staff are trained in Standard First Aid and CPR to ensure your safety while using the facilities. Fitness Leaders also have training in either kinesiology, physical education or fitness and lifestyle management.

Members Only Access

For the benefit of our members, the Aquarena Fitness Centre has members only change rooms, saunas and hot tub. To control access to these areas members must have an access swipe card. Your picture will be taken at time of membership purchase. The Works is not responsible for lost or damaged swipe cards.

Aquarena Fitness Centre - Free Weight Area

Squash Courts

Two International sized squash courts are located on the upper level of the Aquarena Fitness Centre. Bookings for these courts are reserved for Aquarena Fitness Centre Members only. Members can book up to 6 days in advance. Protective eye wear and proper court attire are mandatory. Bring your own equipment.

 Membership Options

Time Basic

Prime Time members have full access to the Aquarena Fitness Centre, Aquarena Pool and MUN Pool lane swims, Aquarena squash courts, air conditioned members change rooms, hot tub, saunas, towel service and members parking. These members are also entitled to free lifestyle and fitness educational sessions, reduced rates for Personal Training, complimentary swimming lessons and advanced registration for their child's swimming lessons.
Prime Time Deluxe

Receive all the same access and member services as the Prime Time Basic Membership plus access to the Field House facilities. These facilities include The Workout fitness area, a 6 lane 200m indoor track, fitness classes, hardwood and green indoor sport courts, MUN Pool swims, squash courts, stretching and abdominal area and spin classes.
Add on the Family

*Receive 20% off 1st Youth Membership and 30% off 2nd & subsequent  Youth Memberships when added to a PTB, PTD or FHC membership.
2nd Adult  - In order to qualify for a family membership the first adult must purchase a Prime Time Basic or Deluxe membership for a minimum of 3 months or more at full price. The second adult family member will receive a membership of equal or lesser value at a reduced rate. Adults are considered 17 years of age or older.

Child Swim Pass - Adult must purchase a Prime Time membership for a minimum of 3 months or more at full price. The child will have access to all recreational swims that are appropriate for his/her age. You must purchase a picture ID swipe card for the child. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a responsible supervisor 15 years of age or older. Fun passes are extra.

Youth Basic (Ages 13-16)-Give your teen the opportunity to get healthy and get fit! Junior members are given access to both levels of the Aquarena Fitness Centre during specific times. Access times are listed in our current seasonal insert. Juniors use the main floor change room. This membership does not include access to squash courts, hot tub, pool or towel service.

Youth Deluxe(Ages 13-16)- Receive the same access as a Youth Basic Membersip and also access to the Field House hardwood court, sport courts and indoor track. Youth Deluxe members also receive access to the Teen Squash Program.  This membership also includes access to public swims at the Aquarena. It does not provide access to Super Swims or include Fun Passes.

 Memberships & Pricing

Drop-In (One Visit) Fee: $10.20 per person.

  1 Mo. 3 Mo. 6 Mo. 1 Yr.
Mthly Deduct.
Prime Time Basic (PTB) 68.75 185.00 320.00 555.00 49.00
Prime Time Deluxe (PTD) 82.00 210.00 365.00 660.00 57.75
PTB 2nd Adult N/A 150.00 260.00 445.00 39.50
PTD 2nd Adult N/A 190.00 335.00 600.00 52.00
PTB Child Swim (Ages 2-13) N/A 26.75 44.50 80.00 9.50
Youth Basic
(Ages 13-16)
38.00 100.00 160.00 240.00 32.00
Youth Deluxe
(Ages 13-16)
52.50 160.00 290.00 395.00 47.25

All prices are plus HST.