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Lifeguard Training

Junior Lifeguard Team

The Junior Lifeguard Team is for individuals who have a keen interest in lifeguarding as a sport and/or a profession. Junior Lifeguard Team members work on First Aid, lifesaving skills, physical fitness, leadership and teamwork. Junior Lifeguards will be introduced to most of the physical skills required for their future Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and National Lifeguard Service Awards. The Junior Lifeguard Team is recommended for children ages 9 and up

Prerequisites: Completed Aquarena Learn to Swim Level Bronze

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Lifeguard Training

Aquatic Certifications

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Lifesaving Courses

Bronze Star
Coursework includes land spinals, submerged victim recovery, rescue drills, lifesaving entries and fitness training. The requirement is a bronze level swimming ability; upon successful completion, participants receive the Bronze Star Award.

Bronze Medallion (Ages 13+) 

This Lifesaving award opens the door to the world of aquatic leadership including lifeguarding and teaching. This is the first required course of the lifesaving society. The Canadian Lifesaving Manual is used for this course. Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded the Bronze Medallion. Participant must be 13 years of age or older or have completed the Bronze Star program.

Bronze Cross (Ages 14+)
This is the second required level of the Lifesaving Society Courses. The Canadian Lifesaving Manual is used for this course. Participant must have received Bronze Medallion Award within 5 years of registering for Bronze Cross.

Lifeguarding Courses

National Lifeguard Service (Ages 16+)
This award certifies as a lifeguard. It is the only nationally recognized lifeguarding award in Canada. The Alert Manual is required for this course. Participants must be a minimum 16 years of age and hold Bronze Cross and CPR Level C within 5 years of registering for National Lifeguard Service. Participants must have Standard First Aid or Aquatic Emergency Care before exam.

Standard First Aid and CPR (Ages 13+)

Upon successful completion of this 2-day course, participants will receive Standard First Aid and CPR C with AED certification. 

*Please note that the Lifesaving Society runs all course exams. Exams usually take place on the last day of the course. Depending on availability of examiners supplied by the Life Saving Society, exams may have to be rescheduled. The Works has no control over examiners and apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.