Aquarena Hours of Operation
Jan 2 - June 25

Monday - Thursday 5:45am-11:00pm
Friday 5:45am-9:00pm
Saturday 7:45am-9:00pm
Sunday 7:45am-9:00pm

Field House Hours of Operation
Jan 2 - June 25

Monday - Friday 6:45am-10:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm

Tim Hortons (Aquarena Lobby)
Jan 2 - June 25

Monday 6:30am - 8:30pm
Tuesday 6:30am - 8:30pm
Wednesday 6:30am - 9:30pm
Thursday 6:30am - 9:30pm
Friday 6:30am - 9:30pm
Sat & Sun 8:00am - 9:00pm


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Free parking is available to customers and members while they are using the facilities. The Works has two main parking lots, one at the Aquarena and one at the Field House. Both parking lots can be accessed from Westerland Road. 

Aquarena Fitness Centre members have access to a members only lot, where card access is required.

MUN Students must have their MUN ID card to park at the Field House parking lot.



To ensure there is parking available to all of our customers, maximum time limit for parking is two hours.

If you leave The Works facilities you must remove your vehicle from The Works parking lot, users are not permitted to go to other areas on campus while parked at The Works.

Vehicles will be ticketed or towed if you are over the time limit and/or not using the facility.

The Works

(Memorial University Recreation Complex Inc.)

17 Westerland Road
St. John's, NL
A1B 3R7 

Fax (709)864-3254


(709)  864-3798 

Recorded Information & Schedules
 (709) 864-3797

Aquarena Fitness Centre 
(709) 864-3795 

Field House
(709) 864-4422

Tim Hortons
(709) 864-4899 

Camp Whatchamacallit
(709) 864-4422


Fitness Classes

Dryland Fitness Class Schedule

The Works has a variety of fitness classes which take place in the Field House on Green Court B.
Please note that The Works may change the fitness classes offered at anytime.

Fitness Class Descriptions

Cardio Kick A high energy class involving kickboxing, boxing, and interval moves. Learn advanced kick-box combinations.
Body Bar This class combines cardio intervals with resistance training using a body bar.
Basic Step If you are new to step this class is for you! This low intensity class features traditional and basic moves, light choreography, and instruction on proper techniques using the step.
& Advanced Step
Take step to the next level! This high energy class features unique step moves and challenging, but fun, choreography.
Pilates & Toning This class begins with a Yoga style warm up and leads into Pilates moves designed to enhance muscle tone, strength and flexibility.
Boot Camp Boot Camp offers circuit stations interval moves and resistance training. This class is designed to make you work hard!
Morning Fit This low impact cardio class is light on the joints, but offers a solid workout. It features easy to learn moves and fun, upbeat music followed by a toning & abs workout.
Trim & Tone Using dumbbells and resistance tubing, this class focuses on improving muscle strength and endurance. Using a series of low impact movements, this class covers each muscle group.
Gentle Yoga A mild stretch and strengthening workout combining basic beginner yoga moves with bodyweight strengthening exercises.
Zumba® Zumba® fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program. The routines feature interval-training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you've got Zumba®!
Basic Yoga Introduce yourself to the benefits of Yoga, including improved fl exibility and balance, muscle endurance, long and lean muscles, enhanced focus and stress relief.
Core Yoga An intermediate yoga class with a focus on core strengthening
Seniors Fitness This class are designed specifi cally for individuals 50 years or older, with lower impact exercises.
Cardio Fit & Abs A high energy cardio workout combining power, high and low impact movements at different levels of intensity with a strength and core muscles component.
Core This class focuses on core strength and stability with exercises to strengthen your core, improve balance, tone your muscles and increase your cardiovascular fi tness. Exercise balls, dumbbells and steps may be used to increase the challenge of your core body workout.
Power Hour Muscle toning targeting the full body with a mix of high energy cardio intervals. An excellent class to improve muscle tone, strength endurance and cardio while utiliing weights, body bars, steps, swiss balls, etc.
Total Body Workout Cardio, muscular conditioning, metabolic finisher & stretch
Ultimate Conditioning Conditioning sessions are designed for ‘maximum’ calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. Come ready to blast your system with a huge variety of cutting edge cardio, muscle endurance and resistance training exercises
Dance Fit Dance fit is a dance-based cardio class designed to get you moving to a variety of upbeat songs. It's a high-energy, easy to learn, calorie burning, crazy-exciting dance workout. In this class you will sweat out your stress with diverse movements to strengthen and sculpt your body all while having a great time. No dance experience necessary!

Memberships & Pricing

Fitness Class Drop-In: $4.85/class

The following memberships include access to Dryland Fitness Classes:

  1 month 3 months 6 months 1
Monthly Deduction Corporate
Bi-Weekly Payroll 
Dryland Fitness Classes 48.00 125.00 220.00 390.00 34.75 12.75
Field House Combo 63.00 190.00 340.00 600.00 53.50 21.00
Field House Combo
2nd Adult
N/A 150.00 305.00 545.00 48.50 19.00 
Prime Time
82.00 210.00 365.00 660.00 57.75 25.50
Prime Time
Deluxe 2nd Adult
 N/A 190.00 335.00 600.00 52.50 22.00

All prices are plus HST.


Aquarena Program Changes & Cancellations

Aquarena Program Changes & Cancellations

Friday June 2, Saturday June 3 & Sunday June 4


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Field House Program Changes & Cancellations

Field House Program 
Changes & Cancellations

DATE: Saturday June 17
EVENT: Track & Field Meet

  • Track, Hardwood & Green Floor   – Closed all Day
  • Intermediate/Advanced Step(11-11:50am) – Cancelled
  • Field House Changerooms – Remain Open
  • Student Studios & The Workout – Remain Open

    *All other facilities & programs will operate as scheduled*


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